People always ask me, "What made you want to get into makeup?" The bigger question for me is, is holding me back? My passion for makeup goes back as far as I can remember—when I would steal my mother's shadow, lipstick, and blush and apply it without her ever even teaching me. I had my Barbie bags filled with both, Bonne Bell and Maybelline, and I have plenty of pictures wearing a shade of lipstick that I’d still wear today. The love for it followed me to my teenage years, and it only escalated from there.

I spent nearly an hour every morning doing my makeup before school. I once had someone in gym class ask me if I had someone do my makeup every morning before school—which is both an extraordinary compliment, and a stab at me questioning why I’d spend such effort just to sweat it out in class. My biggest obstacle then was the 6:30 wake up time and gym first period. But, I never missed a day of putting makeup on, regardless of how many times those 7 alarms had been snoozed. Even during the weeks of swimming, I used that morning time to sleep in—but I made sure to pack up the essentials and apply them all promptly in 10 minutes before that second bell rang.

One morning, in photography, I realized that I had the opportunity to use my projects as a way to practice my art, and use it towards building my portfolio. Unknowingly, later on, I was able to continue this throughout college with digital photography. That is when I realized that I had to somehow incorporate this passion into whatever path I choose for the rest of my life, regardless of how.

In 2010, I found one of the greatest inspirations in the beauty industry: Kandee Johnson. I saw that she was holding one of her final "Glaminar"classes in Chicago, and begged my parents to buy me one of the tickets as part of my high school graduation gift. I told them it was a chance of a lifetime, and it truly was.

I learned so much in that one day alone; about makeup as an art, makeup as a business, and how to use makeup to express yourself. I had the honor of being chosen as the full face model for the final demonstration, and I still see it as one of the greatest hands on experiences I've had to this day. I had the chance to play the role of the client in that chair, with the products and technique explained as I got to feel that firsthand. To this day, I believe that experience helped me treat each client with a sense of care and comfort that I may have naively overlooked. I left the class feeling hopeful, and with a reminder of why I wish to work behind the camera, and not in front of it.

I also left that day with more confidence, and was finally able to step back and assess just how meaningful makeup has been for myself all along. I realized that my makeup helped my self-esteem for one giant reason: I could gain some control over my appearance, most importantly, during a period of my life when that appearance was constantly evolving.

I did what everyone has ever been told to do regardless of their passion or occupation: keep practicing, and learning. After leaving the Glaminar, I knew that I had to take more classes. I worked more on starting my portfolio, and I also had the privilege of being taught by some of the greatest senior M.A.C. artists in the country. Each workshop included demos, tips, and the ability to talk with the artists about products, techniques, and personalized tips. Just like the Glaminar, I left each and every one of those workshops with the reminder that learning and perfecting your craft is an endless journey, and that you will find lessons through every experience.

 In 2017, I took the next step of my practice by enrolling in a school that specializes in makeup: Make Up First School of Makeup Artistry. In 2018, I earned my certification that is approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education. Some credit hours are also approved through the Illinois Barber Act. I also took classes immediately to become certified in airbrush and bridal makeup prior to my graduation. I’ve had the privilege of being taught by incredible instructors, and networking with fellow artists, and that is a continuous source of inspiration and support that I couldn’t be more grateful for.

    Now, as a certified makeup artist, my purpose is to help you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself. This is so much more than just a job to me; it's a dream come true. Regardless of the occasion, let’s make your dream look happen. Whether it’s in person, on camera, or in photographs that last lifetimes, that look may last forever. Let me help you make sure that it’s the one that you’ve always wished for.

    You deserve it.