As a certified, freelance makeup artist, I really love to do it all. With a focus on basic beauty, bridal, media, and editorial makeup, I am trained to work just about any look thrown at me. That includes crazy costume makeup for parties and Halloween, and even face-painting for children’s birthday parties. Every single job requires the same sanitary practices, education, and overall professionalism. As small as it may be, my regard for sanitation is something I want all of my clients to know of, because I never want a client to have to question or be concerned with my practice.

While all makeup artists have to take photography into account, I believe that my love for photography is incorporated within a lot of my work. It's something that inspires the looks I create--especially ones focused on nature, lighting, or other pieces of art. Combining the two, and having the look turn out successfully, is an amazing feeling. As an art, I love that makeup can be temporary, and permanent. If a mistake occurs, the makeup can be washed off, adjusted, and perfected. But the photographs of that look, and knowing how beautiful you felt in those photos, will truly last forever.

So, as a certified makeup artist, my purpose is to help you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself. This is so much more than just a job to me; it's a dream come true. Regardless of the occasion, let’s make your dream look happen. Whether it’s a look seen in person, on video, or in photographs that last lifetimes--let me help you make sure that it’s one that you truly love.

You deserve it.